Gianni Morandi: singer, actor, runner, Pokémon Go trainer…

71-year old Gianni Morandi is still performing (wrapped about a sold-out tour with Baglioni this year),  is about to star in a new TV series (“Per amore di mia figlia”), continues to run in marathons, and has now added Pokémon GO trainer to his resume.  Over the weekend, the unstoppable Morandi announced the news of his capture of the elusive Pokémon monster Dragonite to his Facebook fans.

Gianni Morandi - Uno su mille


Lolliradio Italia for your streaming musica needs

While Italian Sinfonia would love to be back on the air again, a wonderful substitution is Lolliradio Italia, a 24-hour Italian music station, bringing you the best of Italian pop, old and new, from Battisti to Baglioni, Pausini to Mengoni.

Lolliradio also broadcasts 5 other themed stations including Happy, Soft (a mix of mainly English and Italian older adult contemporary tracks – think Lite FM), Dance (DJ remixes), Hits (international hits currently playing on Italian airwaves) and Oldies (a lot of English dance pop from the 70s and 80s).

The station has its own iTunes, Android and Windows app and can also be found on TuneIn so if you’re not by your PC, connect your bluetooth receiver or Chromecast Audio @ home and transport yourself abroad for a while.

A sample of one of the many classics to be found on Italia…

Gianni Togni - Luna (1980)