Italian Radio / Video Stations

Stations listed are primarily based in Italy.
Also included are a handful of international stations that play Italian programming exclusively.

Station NameHomeDescriptionAudio link
Radio 105 Network MilanoListen! (WMA)
Radio 12 Parma50% Italian contemporary, pop mixListen!
Radio 24 MilanoMainly news, interviews, special programsListen!
Radio 35 Cult and Trash MilanoWonderful mix of old and new, bad and good, Italian and international songs from the last 50 years - quite fun!Listen!
Radio Abruzzo PescaraCountry music - Italian style!Listen!
Radio Abruzzo Marche Sant'Egidio Alla Vibrata (TE)Italian, English, Spanish pop; 70s to todayListen!
Radio Aldebaran Chiavari (GE)Mix of English and Italian pop; see site for WMA or Real linksListen!
Radio Alta BergamoTop 40Listen!
Radio Babboleo GenovaTop 40, danceN/A
Radio Capital RomaListen!
Radio Carini Carini, PalermoWeb radio station playing top 40, dance music with some local programming sprinkled inListen!
Centanni Broadcasting Network NY / LAEntertainment, music, news; broadcasting live from NY and LA; past shows are archived and always available for listeningVisit site
Radio Citta' Futura 97.7 RomaPop, Alternative, SKAsee site
Radio Conegliano Listen!
Radio Cortina Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)Italian pop, lots of dance on weekends; newsListen!
Radio Cosenza Centrale CosenzaMixed music, newsnone
Radio DeeJay MilanoDance, Italian pop - internet link contains multiple channels!Listen!
Delta Uno Stereo FM TarantoItalian, English pop mix; danceListen!
Radio Fantastica Cantania CataniaMix of current and most popular Italian, English songs with some news and Sunday sports talkListen!
Fashion FM - 89.8 FM BolognaItalian mixUnavailable
FM Italia SiracusaCurrent popListen!
Radio Genova Sound GenovaTop 40, mostly ItalianListen!
Golden Radio Italy Vicenza (Veneto)Internet-based Italian station with 2 channels, top 40 and 80s channelItalian top 40 80s!
Radio Grande Fratello ItalyInternet-based Italian top 40; site contains links to other programmingListen! (PLS)
Radio Guardia Costiera RomaMainly an informational station geared towards those sailing the seas but music is played as wellListen!
ICN Radio Westwood, NJItalian language station operating under special FM frequency and now onlineListen! (PLS)
Radio Idea Potenza PotenzaItalian and English popUnavailable
Radio IMAGO RomaWeb-based station that plays the best of all sorts of musical genres: "you get to hear and to know about everything... with the thrill which comes from its absolute unpredicatability."Listen!
Radio Italia RomaItalian pop station heard world-wide; watch Video Italia on site
ItaliaFMSydneyInternet-based Italian pop music siteListen!
Radio Italia Network MilanoGreat mix of the most popular music in Italy today; lots of Italian pop, dance as well as int'l hitssee site
Italian Graffiati MontrealPopular internet-based, listener-supported station broadcasting commercial- free 60s and 70s Italian music; visit site for more audio link optionsListen!
Radio Italy .NET Roma/PescaraWeb radio broadcasting current pop hits in Italy, lots of english songsListen!
Radio Libera Bisignano - 89.2 Cosenzatalk, soccer, musicsee site
Kiss Kiss Radio Network Naplesmix of current Italian/English pop, news updates, some talkListen!
LifeGate Radio Milanomix of current Italian/English pop, alternative - have to pay to hearListen!
Lolliradio Italia TorinoWonderful web-based pop station plays just Italian music - plays a mix of songs from the 60s to the very latest hits on Italian radio; see site for more streaming optionsListen!
Radio Margherita Caltanissetta, SicilyItalian music only - old and new, news updatessee site
Megamix FM Paduagreat variety of dance hits - from ABC to Modern Talking to Prodigy - mostly in EnglishListen!
Radio IMAGO RomaWeb-based station that plays the best of all sorts of musical genres: "you get to hear and to know about everything... with the thrill which comes from its absolute unpredicatability."Listen!
Radio Libriamoci Bivona, SicilyInternet radio station that talks about books, culture, solidarity and streams copyleft music - see site for more player linksWMP
Radio Marte Naplesvariety of pop, news updatesListen!
Radio Messina 1 Special Messinavariety of Italian & English pop, newssee site
Radio Monte Carlo Monacovery mixed - Italian, American, British pop; newssee site
Nexus Party Radio 24-hour Internet-based music station specializing in dance music, remixes and some top 40Listen!
Radio Norba Barimusic, dance, news, local soccer play-by-playListen!
Radio Nostalgia GenovaGreat mix of Italian and English oldies and pop classicsListen!
Nova Radio FirenzeIndependent/alternative music, newsListen!
Radio Onda Libera PerugiaItalian mixListen!
Portofino Live GenovaMainly US/British pop; quick on new releasesListen!
Radio Potenza Centrale Potenza
Radio Punto Zero CampaniaItalian and English pop, danceListen!
Radio Naples MontrealInternet-based station broadcasting commercial- free old and new Neapolitan music; visit site for more audio link optionsListen!
Radio Onda 1 VicenzaRadio Onda 1 è una radio-community di musica e news!Listen!
Radio Radicale RomaListen!
Radio Radiosa MateraItalian pop, danceUnavailable
Radio Time Web FirenzeWeb-based station playing international hits with particular attention to classicsListen!
RAI Roma7 channels of music, news, trafficsee site
RTL 102.5 RomaTop 40, news - see site for live audio linksClassic (WMA)
Italian (WMA)
Groove (WMA)
Radio RVA VicenzaVicenza soccer; Dance, hip hop musicListen!
Radio Serra 98 Serra San Bruno (VV)top 40links are down
Radio Sibari Sole Cosenzatop 40see site for link
Sorrento Radio SorrentoClassic Neapolitan, ItalianListen! (WMA)
Radio Studio 95 - 95 FM Reggio Calabriaold/new Italian Music; local infoListen!
Radio Studio Delta - 92.8 FM CesenaItalian Music/DanceListen!
Radio Studio Piu' Desenzano del Garda(BS)Dance musicListen!
Radio Studio Web PotenzaVariety of Italian Music/some Englishsee site for link
Radio Subasio AssisiItalian mix, 60s to todayListen!
Tele Radio Stereo Romacurrent pop; Lazio soccerListen!
Radio Ti Ricordi RomaItalian pop classicsListen!
Radio Touring 104 - 104 FM Reggio Calabriacurrent pop, news, Reggina soccerListen! (WMA)
Radio Touring Catania Cataniapop, hits, oldiesListen!
Radio Valentina 91.2 CampobassoItalian and current Neapolitan pop(!), dance, news updates, talksee site for link
Radio Vaticana Vatican CityBroadcasting in tons of languages, features music, news - visit site for more channelsListen!
Radio Venere 98 FM Bovalino (Reggio Calabria)Mixed music, newsListen!
Venice Classic Radio VeneziaClassical music internet station; Venice Classic Radio è una webradio di musica classica che propone ogni giorno un repertorio di musica antica, barocca, da camera, sinfonica, lirica e contemporanea.Listen!
Veronica Hit Radio FM 104 PesaroItalian and English popListen!
Radio Zeta Treviglio(BG)English/Italian pop musicListen!