From Sanremo to Tel Aviv

Festival di Sanremo winner Alessandro Mahmoud, aka Mahmood, will reportedly move on to the Eurovision song contest to be held in Tel Aviv this year, with the main competition occurring on May 18 – although a recent interview suggests he may be having second thoughts. Below is a helpful lyrics video, with English translation, of the winning Sanremo song, “Soldi,” from Youtuber MYESC.

Mahmood - Soldi | LYRIC VIDEO w/ English Translation | Eurovision 2019 Italy

Italy has won the event twice: Gigliola Cinquetti in 1964 with her most famous single, “Non ho l’età,” and Toto Cutugno won in 1990 with the lesser known “Insieme: 1992“.

In the US for the past few years, Eurovision has been broadcast on LOGO TV which has also streamed the show on their site. No news is available yet if the same will be true this year. In Canada, OMNI Television just announced they will be broadcasting the competition this year. The show was last broadcast in Canada in 2015.