Lucio Battisti: David Bowie’s favorite singer

Lucio Battisti died 25 years ago September 9th at the age of 55 and is considered one of the most influential Italian pop artists of all time, recognized by artists worldwide. David Bowie once listed Lou Reed and Lucio Battisti as his two favorite singers. In 1974, he composed the English lyrics to a cover of Battisti’s “”Io vorrei… non vorrei… ma se vuoi” for friend Mick Ronson.

Battisti’s songs have been covered by international artists around the world, in English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, and Swedish.

cover of Mi Ritorni in Mente

cover of Balla Linda

Battisti recorded a number of albums in Spanish and in 1977, he relocated to Los Angeles and released an English album of some of his biggest hits.

Amarsi un po’

Even years after the release of his greatest successes, covers are continually recorded, even internationally.

cover of E penso a te

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