Viral Georgian group, Niko’s Band, covers Annalisa

Niko’s Band visits Italian pop again with a cover of “Sinceramente,” the Festival di Sanremo entry from Annalisa.

Niko’s Band – Alone (cover of “Sinceramente”)

The band’s cover of the THE KOLORS’s “Italodisco,” which hit the top 20 most “Shazam’d” songs in the world at one point, has 40 million views on the official YouTube channel of Georgian network PosTV and millions more on TikTok. THE KOLORS recently complimented their cover and are looking forward to paying a visit to the group in their home country.

The group is featured on the TV show “Niko’s Show” and consists of lead female singer Manu Murghulia, “Niko host” Niko Nanitashvili, Amiko Chokharadze, Nanuka Porchkhidze, and band music director Dato Porchkhidze.

Niko’s Band – Georgian Disco
Niko’s Band – Georgian Disco with English lyrics

The band performs covers of all sorts of European pop hits including 80s French hit “Voyage, voyage” and Polish dance single “Przekorny los” from Akcent.

Niko’s Band – Voyage Voyage (cover of Desireless – Voyage, Voyage)
Niko’s Band – New Year (cover of Akcent – Przekorny los)

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